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Creating Your Affiliate Links
We use Clickbank to track our affiliate sales. Getting started on Clickbank is quick, easy and painless. Here's how it works.
  • Step 1: Create a Clickbank Account. You can create an account here.
  • Step 2: Create your tracking link. Switch out "YOURID" with your affiliate account ID in the link below:


    Alternatively, you can create an encrypted affiliate link here.
  • Step 3: Start sending traffic to your tracking link. Clickbank will automatically track your customers and sales for you.
  • Step 4: Get paid! Clickbank will direct deposit your money, or send you a payout by check. It's that simple!
Our Products and Your Commissions:
75% on Main Product, 50% on Upsells
These are the products we're currently selling. We pay 75% for the initial sale and 50% on all upsells.
  • The "Complete Guide to Flying for Free" - $47 - This is our flagship product. This guide teaches people how to get free flights, using frequent flyer miles. There are two types of billing:
  • The "Guide to Free Hotels" - $27 - This product teaches customers how to earn and use hotel points to get free flights.
  • The "Interviews with Successful Travel Hackers" - $17 - This is an interview series with people who've traveled around the world using points instead of cash.
  • 90 Days of Email Coaching - $27 - Customers can ask us any questions related to travel hacking and points. Unlimited personalized support for 90 days.
Targeting Tips & Demographics
Through our own testing on Facebook Ads, we've found that the following demographics tend to convert the best. That said, this data can vary a lot by traffic source. These trends are a good place to start; though we recommend testing everything for yourself.
  • Men convert 30% better than women. That said, women are also profitable.
  • IMPORTANT: These strategies only work for U.S. and Canadian citizens. We recommend only promoting this product to U.S. and Canadian buyers. Buyers from other countries will most likely refund, as they can't actually use these strategies to their advantage.
  • Age 25 to 34 is our highest converting demographic, followed by 35 to 44.
  • People who travel a lot, or are currently traveling tend to convert really well.
  • Interests like Tripadvisor, Lonely Planet, Priceline, etc. are good places to start.
Affiliates Policy

We have a very open promotional policy. We want you to make money. We want you to be able to use whatever traffic sources you want, in whatever way you want. There are just a couple things we don't allow, to ensure the best results for everyone.

No direct linking via Facebook Ads or AdWords Search. This could both endanger your ads account, as well as our relationship with Facebook or Google. If you'd like to advertise through Facebook Ads, please create your own landing page and/or email capture page, then send us the traffic afterwards. Direct linking via Google Display Network and YouTube Ads is OK.

No Negative SEO. Pages using headlines like "Is Fly Free Academy a Scam?" to redirect existing SEO traffic to your affiliate link is not allowed. Phrases like "Fraud" "Scam" and "Do Not Buy Before ..." are not allowed on review or presell pages.

No direct linking via popups or PPV. High volume, low quality traffic such as popups cost us more in video bandwidth than sales generated. If you want to run "low quality, high volume" traffic, please use a self-hosted landing page first, then link to our sales page after a user clicks.

Don't SEO My Name. You can SEO for "Fly Free Academy," but please don't SEO for my personal name. This includes not using my name in the title tag or the domain name.

Pre-Written Emails for Affiliates
Use these emails to promote to existing email lists.
Pre-Sell Pages
Feel free to use these two pre-sell pages as templates, or to copy them in their entirety.
Banner Ads
More ad sizes coming soon! If you need any specific sizes, or PSDs of our existing ads to make your own, just contact us at info@flyfreeacademy.com.
Need More?
We Can Work Together

If you have an existing audience, we're happy to provide email swipes, custom landing pages, promotional videos and anything else we can to help you succeed.

If you're an experienced media buyer, we can place custom conversion pixels (FB Ads, Tracking 202, Voluum, etc.) on thank you pages after seeing a certain amount of sales.

For other special requests, just reach out to us. We're here to help you succeed.

Questions About Our Affiliate Program?
Email info@flyfreeacademy.com

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